Our Elna sewing machine range has Perth all sewn up

Elna WA Sales & Service in Subiaco, Perth, is a leading provider of sewing machine sales, repairs and maintenance services, as well as spare parts and quality sewing supplies. Our team in Perth offers a fantastic range of services that will keep your machine running in perfect order. Remember that regular servicing and maintenance can keep your machine in fantastic condition for many years to come. Drop in and see us in Subiaco, Perth, for quality sewing products and services.  

A Elna 8600 Xplore sewing machine in Perth

Elna 8600 Xplore

This machine does it all; from just-for-fun creations to elegant embroidery. With the Xplore computerized sewing and embroidery machine, you'll be sewing an apron for gardening one minute and embellishing it with embroidery the next. There's also a wonderful selection of quilting and heirloom stitches available so you'll never get bored with this versatile beauty!

Elna 720 excellence sewing machine

Elna 720 Excellence

You’ll find the eXcellence 720 brings a whole new inspiration to the vistas of your imagination. With a panorama of 126 stitches, from the simplest to the most grandiose, your creative nature will flourish. Before your very eyes, you’ll bring to life the embroidery and quilt designs you’ve always dreamed of. In just a few minutes, you’ll see an arabesque take shape, a festoon develop or a design motif begin to blossom.

Whether it’s a simple detail or a sophisticated creation, the eXcellence 720 is naturally gifted to explore with you all kinds of new and unknown possibilities… you’ll see your wildest creativity flourish.

Elna 320 sewing machine

Elna 320

Sail through the most complex sewing challenges! With the eXplore 320, you'll navigate effortlessly through any project, from minor alterations to major new creations. Feel the bracing thrill of new possibilities, ride the wave of your imagination and above all... enjoy yourself!

Thanks to Elna's easy-change spool system and automatic needle threader, every move is a winner. And you'll go overboard using the huge range of practical and decorative stitches as you chart a new course in creativity.

Elna 340 sewing machine

Elna 340

This eXplore 340 offers all the great features available on a mechanical machine, it has 24 stitches, with an automatic 1-step buttonhole function giving you perfect buttonholes. Some may find it useful to be able to sew on stretch fabrics and knits as well as regular fabrics.

A great feature on the 340 is the jam-proof drop-in bobbin system which provides a quiet and smooth running to help prevent thread jams. This also has an adjustable tension, stitch length and stitch width. A vast range of embroidery stitches, gives you the capability you need for great sewing projects. There is an automatic needle threader, which also cuts down on eye strain.

A Sew Fun sewing machine in Perth

Sew Fun

Contemporary as well as attractive and practical, the new Elna Sew Fun offers the features needed to fulfil your basic sewing needs.

This user-friendly machine is the ultimate partner for beginners and more than lives up to its name!

Elna 520 sewing machine

Elna 520

It has 30 stitches includes utility stitches, stretch stitches and  overcasting,  decorative stitches and 6 different automatic one step buttonhole (put the buttonhole in the back of the foot and it will do the exact size all one go). Easy to thread, just follow the numbers which guide you down to the needle and the built in needle threader.  The drop in bobbin system makes it not only easy to thread, but is stronger, smoother and quieter.

Elna 660 sewing machine

Elna 660 Experience

200 stitches plus 3 alphabets. Includes 12 buttonholes 

Stitches of special interest to the quilter include a pre-programmed stippling stitch, 4 versions of appliqué and a French knot

Stitches of special interest to the heirloom sewer include pinstitch, entredeux and

  • Richelieu LCD screen with adjustable backlight
  • 10 direct selection keys
  • My Personal Settings (PS)
  • 3 memories - save, recall, overwrite, delete
  • Direct editing - edit any stitch within a sequence
  • Quick resumption mode - don't lose your data
  • Start / stop key
  • Programmable up / down needle key
  • Auto-lock key
Elna 530 sewing machine

Elna 5300

Fun for everyone with the new Elna 5300. These versatile machines can handle any fabric - no matter how tough. So start right here, right now, and create your own personalised wardrobe. Customise it, recycle it, transform it any way you want; your Elna adapts to every mood, every style.

Elna Lotus sewing machine

Elna Lotus

The Elna Lotus was originally introduced in 1968 and featured spectacular and innovative design. Protective shutters that were built into the machine's body replaced the traditional and heavy traditional carry case. When the shutters opened like a Lotus flower, they created a handy, go-anywhere sewing table. The accessories box was integrated into the machine, and the result was a streamlined machine adored by seamstresses and sewists everywhere. The Lotus was Elna's best-selling machine of all time and a world-wide success.

Elna 240

Elna 240

The eXplore 240 mechanical sewing machine is the key to genuine enjoyment. With it's full complement of stitches and features, this easy to operate, affordable, high-quality sewing machine is perfect for anyone learning to sew as well as for experienced sewers who want to add a basic, quality sewing machine to their sewing room.